E-Mail Estimates

Please send the following information to Estimate @FurnitureRestoration.com.  Note that I left a space before the @ sign so that spammer won't pick up my email!  Please remove the space before using this email.  

I need several photos including: one of the whole piece of furniture to give context to what I'm estimating plus a close-up of any areas that need repair.  For refinishing a top, to something like a table, please include a photo of some light reflecting across the it. Remember that if you send a photo of just one spot to be repaired, to me it is like looking at one piece of a puzzle.  I have to have context!

1. Name

2. Phone #

3. Address

4. Some details about what you would like to have done.

5. Photos

6. Email address



Many times I can give estimates by looking at photos that are email to me.  This works best for refinishing but it can help me give you a "Ball Park" estimate on repairs and restoration.  The photos need to have the following:


  • Remember!  Photos appear to me as pieces of a puzzle that need context of the whole piece to make sense...
  • Include a photo of the whole piece of furniture if possible...
  • Ask youself if you can make sense of the photos that you are sending to me...
  • Please have the photos in the correct orientation (not side ways of upside down) which is easily achieved by holding the camera or phone correctly. I receive a lot of estimates  and unfortunately I do not have time to save and rotate them.  Please take the time to do this...
  • Close up and far away photos...
  • Please take the photos at a high enough resolution so that I can zoom in to see some detail and hold it still to avoid blurriness...
  • Stand off to the side of any flate surface.  If you don't, the flash will bounce back into the camera and all I can see is a flash in the photo...
  • Try to avoid bright lights behind the object which will cause the image to be dark...
  • If you are closer than two or three feet from the furniture always use the "Macro Button" if you have one. (It normally has a Flower icon on it)


Examples of God and Bad Photos

 Bad: Blurry and side ways                      Bad: Flash Bounce                                                













Good set of photos showing context of overall table and small repairs that need to be done.

GoodDrop leaf good3Drop leaf good1Drop leaf good2












Good set of photos showing context of overall buffet and extent of water damage. 

DSCN1537Water damage good 1Water damage good 2








 Good photo to show context but the resolution is too small to see detail.

I cannot see any detail about this bed plus the  pillow covering headboard.

IMG 0118