How to Clean Hardwood Floors

How to correctly clean a hardwood or laminate floor!

Mop and Towel

1. Buy or make a solution that works just like a window cleaner because cleaning a floor and cleaning a window

requires the same process which leaves no residues to build up.


2. You can make my own floor cleaner by using 50% distilled water and 50% distilled vinegar which you then put into a spray bottle.

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Furniture Shopping for Christmas? Read this blog!

Shopping for furniture: What you need to know before the purchase.

Shopping For Furniture 2Christmas is just around the corner. Sales have started at all the furniture stores. If you’re thinking about buying furniture for someone for Christmas, then here’s are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind as you are shopping. It will be beneficial to have a little bit of insight so that salesmen with fast talk cannot drag you into a purchase that ends up as a mistake. One day soon I am going to do a blog where I take photos and compare quality but there’s not enough time for that this week.

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Landmines of Rejuvenating or Resurfacing an Old Finish! Furniture Polish Buildup will Mess You UP!!!

Fish eye text 

Problems that can occur when resurfacing over an old finish:

I see quite a few blog posts about refurbishing/restoring old finishes. I have never seen one blog that dealt with any of the potential problems that can arise from choosing this process. I’m going to give you a list of issues and possible solutions if you decide to recoat a piece of furniture over the old finish.

1. Adhesion Issues with the old and new finish.
Problem: Silicone, dirt, wax, oils etc. will almost always be a problem with the new finish adhering well to the old finish. The process of resurfacing makes for great “Before and After” photos but the concern of being able to use the furniture without flaking or peeling will almost always be an issue if it is something like a dining table or chair that receives a lot of contact with people in any way.
Solution: Cleaning the surface well is a MUST but even then the surface needs to be lightly sanded so that the new finish has something to “BITE” into for some type of a physical bond.

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About Blake Soule

BlakeBorn in 1956, Blake Soule' was interested in woodworking since the age of 13 when he made his first bass fishing lure and refinished a gun stock. Working since 1976 in furniture restoration, Blake put himself through college and graduated from the University of Memphis in 1982 with a four-year degree in Recreational Therapy. His career in Recreational Therapy was short-lived however, as he found furniture restoration to be far more rewarding. Blake has a strong Christian faith. From 1984 to 1987, Blake went to Brazil as a missionary with an interdenominational organization called The Navigators. There, he met his wife Shyrley, and married in 1986. Blake and Shyrley Soule', along with their two boys, now live a suburb of Memphis Tennessee called Germantown. He attends Hope Presbyterian church in Cordova TN.

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